How to Connect my Laptop to my TV

The ability to view your video clips, blockbuster movies, online videos, and other miscellaneous downloaded videos from your notebook to your lounge television has now become a reality. You now have the ability to take advantage of Netflix movie streaming subscriptions and enjoy your online movies on your new LED TV without the need to get a brand-new TV set or Roku player.

You might not realize how easy it is, in this day and age, to hook up your PC with your TV and enjoy all the power of your computer on a bigger screen. We’ll explain to you exactly how to do so through a wired connection, with the help of Mr. Adria Richards.

Before you get started, the very first thing you have to check is the input and outputs on your computer and TV, to help you buy the right cable. If you have a high definition TV, you’ll want to use a DVI cable or an HDMI cable. If your PC is a bit older, then it may only utilize VGA cables, so it’s important to check your TV has the right connections for VGA, which most do. In the event that your TV set uses one kind of connection and your computer utilizes a different one, in that case you’ll need to get an adapter as per the cable input that you have to use. You’ll find these adapters on Amazon or Ebay. Standard definition TVs typically allow S-video cable connections, so for those who have not made the move to HDTV’s, this might be the only option.

There sometimes is an issue in which your TV does not recognize your computer’s connection. In these cases, confirm your laptop or computer is switched off before inserting the lead into your TV. Then plug the lead back into the TV set and restart your system. The ‘new’ connection should be recognized. If this doesn’t occur on the first attempt, try this step a couple more times until the connection has been established.

If you haven’t chosen the correct source to show on your television you are not able to view your computer display with it – be sure you have chosen the proper input source (e.g. HDMI, aux) as required. If you wish to change the display quality I’d strongly recommend making the alterations your laptop or PC instead of the TV set. Playing about with the TV picture settings also will influence your normal TV viewing experience as well. Make an effort to stay away from this.

Time to Watch a Flick

If everything is connected according to the video in steps shown above, you are now ready to watch any Youtube clip or any other video streaming websites within the convenience of your living room, on that new widescreen TV. You’ll likewise have the ability to show off a few home videos, party pics, or start surfing the net, listen to your latest MP3s, or perhaps check your personal email. Your new, fully powered, widescreen monitor is ready to be made use of to the max.

We have laid out the least expensive, most convenient option in this article so that you can connect your PC to your TV set. Having said that, you will find various other more functional alternatives when choosing to view your laptop display on your current TV. There are various gadgets which will let you view online streamed movies or connect your PC to your TV via wi-fi. Although this might be ideal, it will require the acquisition of further equipment, which can cause you to you spend over seventy five dollars or more. To learn more regarding these options, take a look at our report detailing IPTV players.

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