Connect Laptop to TV HDMI

The ability to watch your home movies, blockbuster movies, online videos, and other miscellaneous streamed video clips from your notebook to your lounge TV is now a reality. You’ve got the opportunity to benefit from Netflix video streaming sites subscriptions and view your online movies on your new widescreen TV and there’s no need to get a brand-new TV set or Roku player.

Modern gadgets are generally made to be linked up quickly and nowadays it is actually quite simple to hook your pc to your TV. We’ll reveal to you exactly how to do so via a wired connection, thanks to Mr. Adria Richards.

Computer to TV Set – cable connection

Before you do anything, one thing you need to check out is the output and inputs on your laptop or PC and television, so that you can get the right cable. If you have an HDTV, you’ll need to use a DVI cable or an HDMI cable. Some older PCs just utilize VGA cables, so it’s important to see if your TV has the right connections for VGA, but don’t worry, most do. If you find that your television uses one connection type and your computer utilizes another, then you’ll have to purchase an adapter according to the cable input you choose to use. You can find these adapters on eBay or Amazon. Most standard definition televisions allow S-video cable connections, so for those who have not upgraded to HDTV’s, this may be the only choice.

Turn Off Your Computer

There could be an issue where your TV set does not recognize your laptop’s connection. In such cases, make sure your laptop is powered down prior to inserting the cable into your TV set. Then plug the connection back into your television and restart your system. The ‘new’ connection should be recognized. If this doesn’t occur on your first try, attempt this step a couple more times till the connection has been established.

Television Input selection

If you haven’t chosen the correct input source to show on your television you then are not going to see your computer display with it – be sure you’ve chosen the appropriate input source (for example: HDMI, aux) as needed. If you need to alter the display quality I’d highly recommend making the adjustments on your laptop as opposed to your TV. Playing about with the TV picture settings will influence your normal TV watching experience as well. Make an effort to try to avoid this scenario.

Let the Viewing Commence

If it’s all connected as per the video in the steps shown above, you are now ready to view any Youtube clip or movie within the convenience of your lounge, on your very own new flatscreen TV. You’ll also have the ability to show everyone a few home videos, party pics, or go browsing the web, enjoy your latest MP3s, or even log into your personal gmail account. Your new, fully powered, flatscreen monitor is ready to be utilized to the max.

We have outlined the cheapest, most convenient option above so that you can connect your PC to a TV set. Having said that, you can find various other more functional alternatives if deciding to view your laptop display within your current television. There are plenty of devices that will allow you to view movie streaming and/or link up your PC to your TV wirelessly. Even though this may be the dream, it’s going to take the investment in further equipment, which may cause you to you spend over $75 or more. To learn more regarding these alternatives, take a look at our article detailing IPTV players.

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